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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Repurposed into carnival themed party centerpieces

Thrift stores are awesome places to find cast offs...and typically I run into other creative people there.  Creative minds usually work really well together and seem to ignite creativity.  This is what I found while on my search for items to transform into useful carnival style center pieces.....
This first picture shows 3 carnival looking table pieces.
 The first one holding popcorn and cupcakes, is made up of 3 metal pieces that I have no idea what their original use was. Because it is steel, it is heavy enough to not have balance issues. The top 2 pieces Tom welded together for me and they are sitting inside the neck of the somewhat larger base. The support for the plate is a metal rack that fit perfectly over the neck of the base. I then cut a hole in the red plastic wheel (with an electric heat knife cutter) so it too would fit over the neck base,
  The popcorn just happen to fit into the top second metal piece that was an after thought. (I didn't paint it aqua as I did the rest of it.) Sorry the pics are not better, although I think you can get the idea. 

The metal pieces are sprayed with 2 coats of Valspar paint + primer gloss, in exotic sea. The red plate is slipped over the neck and the top welded piece is inverted into the base neck. I rolled striped paper up the size of a dowel, ( which could have been used as well) this added in the red color we were working with. I found a pack of 2 pinwheels at the dollar store and wahla we have our version of a tilt- o- whirl.  The plate is cut tight enough that we could tilt it as a typical tilto whirl.  I could have gotten a little more creative with a cool top for the tiltowheel, but I was just running out of time.

Here is my version of the carosel.  It again was a conglomiration of objects found and repurposed.  the Top Star is a brass candle holder sprayed red gloss.  The ribbons are woven through the gold upside down wire basket and anchored on another one of those metal pieces used in the tiltowhirl.  The tension of the ribbon all the way around makes the metal piece secure as it sits on the striped lined cardboard piece which I duplicated on the inside also. ( the basket bottom was wire like the basket at the top.  ( the liner was needed for a solid surface.) The red bow is again woven through the basket.  The wire basket sets on top of a metal vase turned upside down. I didn't have to secure it as it is all sturdy enough that it didnt warrant it.
 I cut the 4 center wires of the wwire rack in the middle and bent them up to slip the rack over the vase ( a trick but it worked) I drilled 4 holes on each side of the vase  to stick the metal cut wires in to stabilize. (measuring height and position) It was then all sprayed with a glitzy gold spray paint from Lowes.  The popcorn cones I made on my silhouette.

This was a very fun project and I think it added some of the carnival flair they were going for.
As a side note... I have sold 2 on ebay, one more to go......whoo hoo!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SUCESS, for the patio table with broken glass!

Last year when we were putting on a new roof....I inadvertently broke the  glass on our patio table.  To replace it was going to be costly, and  to buy a new set....... well  I had redone my cushions not to long ago, so I had to come up with a new plan... I had asked my husband if he could make a stainless top to which he told me he could, although he did not know when.......I was  invisioning summer with no table....  then one day while still trying to sell the wedding left overs......I stood staring at the food tables we had made, and an idea came to me......  It didn't take too much adjusting.........the circular saw and power drill a few more wood screws and wahla !   It fit perfectly, will almost.. LOL
I discovered that out door tablecloths work well if it rains and the left over tents from weddings past worked well in place of the umbrellas I'm tired of buying.  I really like the privacy room provided by the tents and the ability to change the look of them's working extremely well for us.   I found some off white pottery barn curtains at my local thrift store for
2.00 and I am on the hunt for a couple more,  for  now just using what I have .

Plum Tucker'd

I have been at it again...........My craft room was a catastrophe with left over holidays and taxes looming, it was such a mess, that I didn't want to venture into that part of the house.  And then I attended a business conference that was meant to get you charged to attack all those things typical of procrastination.  So did I respond to my seminar?  You bet I did!  
                            Taxes are done, christmas is all put away, the craft room reorganized. Time to get inspired....pinterest is a great starting place for me.  For some of you who have not ventured out to this sight yet, go check it out there is something for everyone.   You will find so many talented people with many great tutorials. From kids projects to cleaning helps, party suggestions and repurposing, home fixes and organizing, places to see/visit, gardening, and so much more.  BONUS ...of course you can save anything you like to your Pinterest, with a touch of a button.  Also,  tipjunkie is a great site to follow. I receive tip junkie emails a few times a week and it has become one of the emails I always look forward to.... I love it.  You can also submit your own ideas on tip Tuesday and just maybe, it will be selected to be shared with everyone.
 I have been busy balancing Real Estate, family and my creative longings.
currently in process: making super cute diaper changing organizers, for moms and babies on the go.  Along with cute wet bags and onesies,  wooden hangers and cutout letters, colorful frames for use as chalk boards/pictures/magnet. Quilted alphabet letters, re-purposed furniture and so much more.  Of course Im thinking ahead to gift giving events, although I am hoping to have something ready for one of the upcoming  boutiques.    I haven't done one for ever and am entertaining doing so.

Just came across this and a couple of other un-published entries.  Decided to go ahead and publish them before starting another.  I am not being very consistent with this LOL

I love my silhouette !

Ive either been really busy or really uninspired to write...probably a little of both!  Haha
My husband bought me a silhouette for Christmas...although he had no idea what it was.  After reading alot about it and being told It was a bit of a learning curve, I will tell you I have to agree, however it was well worth it.  *note I am still learning... And utube has lots of videos thank goodness.  I can already imagine all the neat things I can make and it has already come in really handy.  I love the stencil aspects, the ability to print and cut for fabric transfers and the vinyl lettering I've made, what fun!  of course I actually was inspired by some pinterest creations I've saved.  I will post them with my pics soon.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baby's and Brides

Wow I'm finally back to's and brides and of course all that's life...what a busy year! Before I get going on my fall fun, I thought I would share a few fun things from Brad and Chelsey's wedding First off she was a beautiful bride and he a handsome groom! This wedding was labeled "Shabby Chic Vintage" was a fun one to create for. From repurposing antique furniture to collecting old china it was almost like a full time job! LOL These awesome lace chargers we made..which just the collecting of the 300 plus chargers and lace curtains, was a project in and of itself! After purchasing 3 gallons of Elmer's Washable School Glue - Glue & Adhesives (Google Affiliate Ad) which we used for almost all the projects we had going, that stuff is amazing and can replace modge podge on most everything. The gals that helped to accomplish this daunting feat, I am forever grateful to. I mean lets face it 300 is a big number. We were real good at assembly line.. Janie cut the lace squares...and the gals proceeded with the glue and lace. Beginning with slightly watered down glue @ 2-1 (glue to water) we brushed the glue on to the charger laid on the lace, one more coat of glue, dry and trim......beautiful lace chargers! We collected canning jars like everyone else was also doing, although we covered them with lace, doilies or burlap cuffs. I made too many trips to count to goodwill stores, because they sell their jars for 19 cents each... Deal! Made 600 mini fabric rosettes that were glued onto jute then tied on drinking glasses and vases. Wooden signs out of repurposed fence and pallet boards, some inspired by Pinterest, the rest just came out of need. We used Elmer's Glue again to put a satin coat on the wooden signs for a great looking finish. I can't even begin to cover it all..however it must be said, that part of the fun NOW has been selling it all to brides to be. Although I will not recoup my time effort and money, it is fun seeing the excitement of all these girls I've met who are loving the process of 'collecting treasures' for their special day. And they are thrilled it's already done for them. As for me.... I love that all my treasures are being used again!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Wedding projects

Chelseys coming home this weekend and I have projects galore for her and anyone willing to help...look out my dear its 'wedding frolic' time.  So much more to finish.....Oh my what a list, its going to be a beautiful wedding though.

Wedding planning is so much fun especially when you are unleashed to be creative.    It is a chalenge to try and mimmick exactly what the Bride and Groom want their special day to look like, however, I have learned some of the neatest tricks along the way trying to do so.  I so enjoy it!

I have a true pasion to create, I know this because I never tire of it.  If I could get up every morning  and make a decent living from it alone, that would be my dream job.  I know there are alot of you out there who feel the same way.  Some who are more tech savy have done just  that, made it their dream job.  Others of us just continue the only way we know,  but with the same pasion and love for what we do.  I would love to find  a way to walk everyone through the process with an easy way of learning step by step, utube videos, linking, building blog sites...web sites, and I am sure countless other ways to get what we do out there and make a living at doing what we love and are gifted at.

My time is currently spoken deadlines are closing in on me....time to get my creativity going again.  Although, after this special day, I will check into Tech school for creatively gifted people...Im sure some such thing exists, doesn't it?  And I will make my pasion... my gift, more than what it is.  As someone very dear to me once told me, " you missed your calling", I intend to find it.  Blessings to all you crafters out there you have blessed me with all your ideas and enthusiasm.  Keep crafting!

Blog banners

A big shout out to my daughter in-law Allison Grace Tucker! 
By the way don't you just love her full name...
              ...she surprised me one day with a labor of love...
You see, I am not very good at this blogging thing.  I couldn't even figure out why people couldn't join/follow my blog....not sure I got it right yet. LOL
........Any hoo.......I was so frustrated with it all I kinda quit  blogging.  
 And then Allison emails me, with one of the most frustrating things for me to figure out,
An awesome BANNER....WOO HOO, 
I was so excited and look at it.... isn't she awesome...! 
 Thank you Allison Grace... you don't know how you blessed me! You are brilliant!